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Star of 2009.

As the only truly-eccentric celebrity on the scene prepared to take fashion gambles, Lady GaGa deserves all the publicity she gained last year through her unconventional sense of style alone.

Undoubtedly the biggest star of 2009, not only has Lady GaGa, a.k.a.  Stefani Germanotta, dazzled audiences with her unpredictable outfits and random props (dancing in a bath on X-Factor anyone?), she has also managed to produce a pretty tasty album.

Oh, and anyone who wears a red PVC dress to meet the Queen is quite frankly incredible, in my opinion.

Heres to another year of GaGa success, and lets only hope she is able to top the array of outfits she has previously modelled. With talk of her becoming the new Madonna looks like Miss GaGa could well be around for the long haul.


This photo  is one of a collection, taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz, inspired the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Hansel and Gretel. Lady GaGa is photographed as the witch, clad predominantly in Marc Jacobs attire, and red-haired model Lily Cole as Gretel.


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Geek Chic.

When people think  red, the reaction isn’t always positive, especially when considering hair colour.

Ginge, carrot top (but carrot tops are GREEN ?), Ginga, blah blah blah; the list goes on. All are commonly used names designed to supposedly taunt people with red hair.

Although I have learnt to love my ‘orange’ hair, it hasn’t always been that way. Although I was never bullied as such, it was an awkward trait to have during that teenage period of self conciousness and insecurity, however I got off lightly in that respect, but knew others who were bullied mercilessly for their red hair.

I always wondered why such attention is given to a hair colour, and why it seems acceptable to many to taunt ginger people for that reason. In the past ginger hair has gained bad press, but recently it has become an increasingly noticable trend, with more red haired models emerging down the catwalk and gracing our magazines.

Step forward red heads such Lily Cole and Nicola Roberts, from Girls aloud (formerly the ‘ugly’ one, now confusingly the ‘fashionable’ one). Both are renowned for their red hair, and are proud to flaunt their pale complexions in the face of the more conventional perma-tanned blonde/brunette look. To have a unique trait should be cherished, embraced and most definately not hidden away.

At least now red is not instantly related to freckles, geekiness and frizziness, as shown below with these stunning celebrity red heads.

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