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The Living Dress.

I’m beginning to run the serious risk of creating a GaGa blog with the amount of space I have dedicated to her wacky fashion and sense of style, but Lady GaGa never ceases to amaze.

Check out her latest creation, the so-called ‘Living dress’ she showcased last night in Liverpool, during her Monsters Ball tour. The dress was a Haus of GaGa creation, inspired by British fashion designer Hussein Chalayan.

The head piece and wings reportedly move and it would appear the stage outfit has been regarded as a hugh triumph by Lady GaGa, who has even requested to see any fan’s videos of the dress. According to her facebook page, ” The Haus is celebrating we want to see it from your POV!”


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So good, I bought it twice.

I ordered The Antlers‘ 2009 album Hospice the other week from Amazon, along with old PC game ‘Age of Empires‘, an “epic, real-time strategy game” (don’t ask, I don’t even know why myself), only to send them both to my old address. Oops.

Needless to say, when questioned about the delivery, the current residents denied all knowledge of the album ever being delivered, and said they had allegedly lost the computer game. Funny that.

They did, however, look at me oddly when they realised that I was the loser that had bought said game; being a girl, above the age of twelve, and no longer living in the nineties I would say they probably had a point, but I didn’t bother justifying the questionable purchase. The fact that I was stupid enough to send the packages to my old address was already embarrassment enough for one day.

Thankfully the album didn’t cost too much, so I resigned myself to simply re-buying it, and a well worth-while purchase it was too. The last artist to capture my attention for more than five minutes was Bon Iver, and I very rarely listen to an album on repeat, but this is was an exception (well this, and Lady GaGa- I never claimed to have ‘good’ music taste).

It’s ironic in a way, that Hospice can sound so beautiful and haunting at the same time. The story told within each track consists of illness, death and ultimately the loss of a loved one, and this is perfectly communicated through the powerful vocals. It’s perhaps even more worrying how peaceful and content I feel whilst listening to the lyrics, and it is almost a neccessity to listen to the whole album in full in order to appreciate every song. 

I have always been too scared to ever write a review of any kind, even for my university magazine; I guess I have never really seen how my opinion would be relevant to anyone else except me, so I certainly don’t plan to start now.

I will say this though; It is a damn good album, well worth buying twice.

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