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Where The Wild Roses Grow.

Having developed a penchant for listening to the same song over and over again until I eventually get sick of it, my most recent obsession is this duet between Australian singers, Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.

Released in 1995 and featured on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ ninth album, Murder Ballads, the video shows Cave’s character to be so obsessed with Minogue’s beauty that he kills her to preserve her perfect image.

Nick Cave wrote the lyrics after reportedly being inspired by the tragic tale told in the song Down in the Willow Garden, regarding a young woman being murdered by her lover. Whilst the tale itself is grim, and the video is at times rather creepy, the song itself is beautifully poetic.


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Admiring Christina Hendricks

She may not be a natural red head, but Christina Hendricks can certainly pull off the colour with confidence. Stunning, curvy and undoubtedly a role model for those who refuse to conform to the ultra-skinny, perma-tanned idea of ‘perfection’.

Whilst it isn’t just her hair that is attracting attention, having been blessed with curves to die for, it is evidently a crucial part of her constructed image, which is fast attracting admirers. Dying her naturally blonde hair red since the age of ten, it’s obvious she had a confident idea of how she wanted to look from a young age. A healthy size 12-14, its refreshing to see someone with natural curves actually admired, instead of media pressure for her to lose weight, and she chooses clothes to highlight her small waist, flaunting her hour-glass shape.

Her unique yet versatile look lends itself to a whole host of looks, from glamorous to girl-next door. Pale skin, red lips and red hair, fab.

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Tea Party

Sophisticated, stylish, and very very sexy. Well perhaps not, but nonetheless there’s nothing like adding a tea cup and teapot to an outfit, for an instantly individual and unique look.

I literally loved dressing up as a mad hatters tea party for Bestival this year, purely so I could drink my vodka and blackcurrant squash mix out of my very own pink polka dot tea set. Obviously this was rather unneccessary, but it sure made drinking alot more interesting.

It would seem I’m not the only one to enjoy a cuppa either; Lady GaGa is often snapped sporting a quirky tea cup in her hand whilst out and about. Hardly the most outrageous of statements, and certainly not on par with her look-at-me raw meat dress, but undoubtedly a token accessory sure to grab a bit of attention.

It would seem the teapot and tea cup are making a comeback, and I for one welcome this cute accessory, particularly mini versions designed specifically for jewellery. You may not be able to make a nice brew in them, but these tiny tea set accessories are just adorable.

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Vintage Trash

With the tag ‘vintage’ so commonly used to describe essentially anything old or second hand, are we being conned by a new fashion trend and the desire to posess something different and unique?

Whilst I love browsing charity shops, and am happy to sift through the most tragic of second-hand trash in an attempt to find a rare hidden gem (I once bought a size 14 bridesmaid dress at Glastonbury from the oxfam stall for a fiver, cut it up and took it in, and I am proud to report it is now one of my fav dresses. Fab), I draw the line sometimes at vintage fairs.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m the first to admit that I love nothing more for someone to ask me where I got my dress/bag/jumper from, only to be able to reply smugly with “oh thanks, its vintage/ I got it for 50p from a charity shop.”

However, upon my last visit to a vintage fair, I became increasingly sceptical regarding the produce presented as vintage, after seeing a primark ring I had recently purchased for £1.50 on sale at three different stalls for anywhere between £5-£10. Obviously the term ‘vintage’ had been applied to these high street items as a way to hike up the price to unsuspecting customers, desperate to own vintage fashion.

Whilst I commend genuine vintage finds, I find it extremely annoying that the label is used to dupe shoppers, when esentially half the vintage items out there are merely second hand tat. One of my obsessions currently is knit wear, the crazier the jumper the better in my opinion. My favourite ones are the ones I inherited from my fashion-conscious gran, as I can be sure they are 100% unique.

Whilst I question the need for a multicoloured, zig-zagged long sleeved, cropped jumper (Garish, YES), I still treasure my grandmama’s clothing, as they have personal, sentimental value and I can be sure of their origin and authenticity.

Having said this, here are just a few of the ‘vintage’ style items I am LOVING at the moment, regardless of whether they are genuinely vintage or high street purchases. Afterall, as long as it looks good and you aren’t fooled, theres no need to be a fashion snob!

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Not just a pretty face.

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”  – Marilyn Monroe.

Stunning, glamourous, talented, and dead by 36. Monroe was undoubtedly a cultural icon and an inspiration to many, despite the problems and scandal that shrouded her very public life.

If ever feeling down this is always the type of quote to bear in mind. Strong, honest, and truthful, it reminds me that when I make stupid mistakes or act erratically, it does not make me a horrible, wicked person. I have come to realise after numerous brushes with silly regret, that beating yourself up over something that has happened in the past does not help you in the future, nor does it aid you to become a better person. 

 I am a firm believer that it is how you deal with your mistakes, and not the actual mistake itself, that defines who you are as a person.

No one is perfect. Everyone has a side to them that is prone to behaving in ways they may not be proud of, and although it is a weakness, it is an element of yourself that you must accept and take responsibility for. Everyone has potential regrets, and if they don’t, they clearly haven’t lived enough yet.

Obviously one day I would LOVE to stop making these silly little mistakes, but until then I am a firm believer that it is only a person that can accept me at my worst that is a person that deserves me at my best.

 “We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”

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But is it Art?

It’s a hectic time if, like me, you are a third year University student, looking to get a good degree before heading out into the scary world of  ‘real’ work.

Which is why I’ve decided to use my time constructively, by doodling and painting, seemingly without a care in the world. Excellent.

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The Living Dress.

I’m beginning to run the serious risk of creating a GaGa blog with the amount of space I have dedicated to her wacky fashion and sense of style, but Lady GaGa never ceases to amaze.

Check out her latest creation, the so-called ‘Living dress’ she showcased last night in Liverpool, during her Monsters Ball tour. The dress was a Haus of GaGa creation, inspired by British fashion designer Hussein Chalayan.

The head piece and wings reportedly move and it would appear the stage outfit has been regarded as a hugh triumph by Lady GaGa, who has even requested to see any fan’s videos of the dress. According to her facebook page, ” The Haus is celebrating we want to see it from your POV!”

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