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Vintage Trash

With the tag ‘vintage’ so commonly used to describe essentially anything old or second hand, are we being conned by a new fashion trend and the desire to posess something different and unique?

Whilst I love browsing charity shops, and am happy to sift through the most tragic of second-hand trash in an attempt to find a rare hidden gem (I once bought a size 14 bridesmaid dress at Glastonbury from the oxfam stall for a fiver, cut it up and took it in, and I am proud to report it is now one of my fav dresses. Fab), I draw the line sometimes at vintage fairs.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m the first to admit that I love nothing more for someone to ask me where I got my dress/bag/jumper from, only to be able to reply smugly with “oh thanks, its vintage/ I got it for 50p from a charity shop.”

However, upon my last visit to a vintage fair, I became increasingly sceptical regarding the produce presented as vintage, after seeing a primark ring I had recently purchased for £1.50 on sale at three different stalls for anywhere between £5-£10. Obviously the term ‘vintage’ had been applied to these high street items as a way to hike up the price to unsuspecting customers, desperate to own vintage fashion.

Whilst I commend genuine vintage finds, I find it extremely annoying that the label is used to dupe shoppers, when esentially half the vintage items out there are merely second hand tat. One of my obsessions currently is knit wear, the crazier the jumper the better in my opinion. My favourite ones are the ones I inherited from my fashion-conscious gran, as I can be sure they are 100% unique.

Whilst I question the need for a multicoloured, zig-zagged long sleeved, cropped jumper (Garish, YES), I still treasure my grandmama’s clothing, as they have personal, sentimental value and I can be sure of their origin and authenticity.

Having said this, here are just a few of the ‘vintage’ style items I am LOVING at the moment, regardless of whether they are genuinely vintage or high street purchases. Afterall, as long as it looks good and you aren’t fooled, theres no need to be a fashion snob!


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