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Admiring Christina Hendricks

She may not be a natural red head, but Christina Hendricks can certainly pull off the colour with confidence. Stunning, curvy and undoubtedly a role model for those who refuse to conform to the ultra-skinny, perma-tanned idea of ‘perfection’.

Whilst it isn’t just her hair that is attracting attention, having been blessed with curves to die for, it is evidently a crucial part of her constructed image, which is fast attracting admirers. Dying her naturally blonde hair red since the age of ten, it’s obvious she had a confident idea of how she wanted to look from a young age. A healthy size 12-14, its refreshing to see someone with natural curves actually admired, instead of media pressure for her to lose weight, and she chooses clothes to highlight her small waist, flaunting her hour-glass shape.

Her unique yet versatile look lends itself to a whole host of looks, from glamorous to girl-next door. Pale skin, red lips and red hair, fab.


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