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Tea Party

Sophisticated, stylish, and very very sexy. Well perhaps not, but nonetheless there’s nothing like adding a tea cup and teapot to an outfit, for an instantly individual and unique look.

I literally loved dressing up as a mad hatters tea party for Bestival this year, purely so I could drink my vodka and blackcurrant squash mix out of my very own pink polka dot tea set. Obviously this was rather unneccessary, but it sure made drinking alot more interesting.

It would seem I’m not the only one to enjoy a cuppa either; Lady GaGa is often snapped sporting a quirky tea cup in her hand whilst out and about. Hardly the most outrageous of statements, and certainly not on par with her look-at-me raw meat dress, but undoubtedly a token accessory sure to grab a bit of attention.

It would seem the teapot and tea cup are making a comeback, and I for one welcome this cute accessory, particularly mini versions designed specifically for jewellery. You may not be able to make a nice brew in them, but these tiny tea set accessories are just adorable.


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The Living Dress.

I’m beginning to run the serious risk of creating a GaGa blog with the amount of space I have dedicated to her wacky fashion and sense of style, but Lady GaGa never ceases to amaze.

Check out her latest creation, the so-called ‘Living dress’ she showcased last night in Liverpool, during her Monsters Ball tour. The dress was a Haus of GaGa creation, inspired by British fashion designer Hussein Chalayan.

The head piece and wings reportedly move and it would appear the stage outfit has been regarded as a hugh triumph by Lady GaGa, who has even requested to see any fan’s videos of the dress. According to her facebook page, ” The Haus is celebrating we want to see it from your POV!”

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So good, I bought it twice.

I ordered The Antlers‘ 2009 album Hospice the other week from Amazon, along with old PC game ‘Age of Empires‘, an “epic, real-time strategy game” (don’t ask, I don’t even know why myself), only to send them both to my old address. Oops.

Needless to say, when questioned about the delivery, the current residents denied all knowledge of the album ever being delivered, and said they had allegedly lost the computer game. Funny that.

They did, however, look at me oddly when they realised that I was the loser that had bought said game; being a girl, above the age of twelve, and no longer living in the nineties I would say they probably had a point, but I didn’t bother justifying the questionable purchase. The fact that I was stupid enough to send the packages to my old address was already embarrassment enough for one day.

Thankfully the album didn’t cost too much, so I resigned myself to simply re-buying it, and a well worth-while purchase it was too. The last artist to capture my attention for more than five minutes was Bon Iver, and I very rarely listen to an album on repeat, but this is was an exception (well this, and Lady GaGa- I never claimed to have ‘good’ music taste).

It’s ironic in a way, that Hospice can sound so beautiful and haunting at the same time. The story told within each track consists of illness, death and ultimately the loss of a loved one, and this is perfectly communicated through the powerful vocals. It’s perhaps even more worrying how peaceful and content I feel whilst listening to the lyrics, and it is almost a neccessity to listen to the whole album in full in order to appreciate every song. 

I have always been too scared to ever write a review of any kind, even for my university magazine; I guess I have never really seen how my opinion would be relevant to anyone else except me, so I certainly don’t plan to start now.

I will say this though; It is a damn good album, well worth buying twice.

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Star of 2009.

As the only truly-eccentric celebrity on the scene prepared to take fashion gambles, Lady GaGa deserves all the publicity she gained last year through her unconventional sense of style alone.

Undoubtedly the biggest star of 2009, not only has Lady GaGa, a.k.a.  Stefani Germanotta, dazzled audiences with her unpredictable outfits and random props (dancing in a bath on X-Factor anyone?), she has also managed to produce a pretty tasty album.

Oh, and anyone who wears a red PVC dress to meet the Queen is quite frankly incredible, in my opinion.

Heres to another year of GaGa success, and lets only hope she is able to top the array of outfits she has previously modelled. With talk of her becoming the new Madonna looks like Miss GaGa could well be around for the long haul.


This photo  is one of a collection, taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz, inspired the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Hansel and Gretel. Lady GaGa is photographed as the witch, clad predominantly in Marc Jacobs attire, and red-haired model Lily Cole as Gretel.

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Going GaGa.

Why is there so much pressure to look conventionally attractive?

Look through any glossy women’s magazine, and you are bombarded with images of ultra skinny, model-esque celebs, all donning the latest trends in fashion.

Take Cheryl Cole, for example. Her latest hair extensions or  a designer dress she modelled last week on the X factor constantly receives media attention, but why such hype?

Whilst I can’t fault her looks or style, she just seems a bit bland. Conventionally attractive, but with no sense of individual style. This is evidently the look she is going for, of course; it has universal appeal to both males who want to be with her, and females who want to be her.

This is the all too familiar pattern emerging within the media, celebrities giving us ‘normal’ people advice on how to look good. We can then gratefully rush out and try and copy their look, whilst they convince us that it literally takes them seconds to get ready, and it is totally effortless to look THAT stylish and glamorous.

Of course it’s effortless; they have enough money to pay someone else to worry about how they look.

Anyone as wealthy as Mrs Cole can afford a stylist, make-up artist, personal trainer, dietician, chef, and whatever else it requires to look that gorgeous. Before Cheryl was famous she made the same fashion mistakes as the rest of us, if not more (Cornrows, anyone?). She would probably still be making these errors if she didn’t now have more money than sense.

My point is, whilst celebs such as Cheryl look amazing, they perhaps aren’t setting a very inspiring example to their fans. By being subjected to the constant barrage of size 6, heavily made-up, extension-wearing celebrities, are we being taught that in order to be attractive we must accept a particular conventional style or image, and try and replicate it ourselves?

The message in the media seems to gravitate around the idea that you must convert to the conventional ideals of attractiveness, and base your image on that of mainstream celebs. Anything else is seen as outside the norm, and ‘strange’.

Why are magazines and the media telling us, as the consumer, what we should be wearing, where we should be shopping and who we should be trying to copy?

Step in, Lady GaGa. In a similar fashion to most female celebs, she admittedly pays a great deal of attention to her looks and image; often flaunting her (questionable) sexuality in tight fitting and revealing outfits on stage. Admittedly she  has also been styled to ‘perfection’, and her peroxide blonde hair, heavily made up face, and skimpy leotards have become something of a trademark.

But at least she’s not always seeking that conventional ‘look at me- aren’t I cute and adorable, yet commercially sexy and appealing’ look, an approach that seems to be all too familiar with so many celebrities.

At last, there is someone who is proving that you can be unique, different and sexy, thus showing that sometimes it’s ok to wear bizarre or unconventional outfits. Lady GaGa doesn’t have to try and look conventionally attractive to be regarded as a fashion icon, and ironically it is because of this that she has gained such success.


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