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Tea Party

Sophisticated, stylish, and very very sexy. Well perhaps not, but nonetheless there’s nothing like adding a tea cup and teapot to an outfit, for an instantly individual and unique look.

I literally loved dressing up as a mad hatters tea party for Bestival this year, purely so I could drink my vodka and blackcurrant squash mix out of my very own pink polka dot tea set. Obviously this was rather unneccessary, but it sure made drinking alot more interesting.

It would seem I’m not the only one to enjoy a cuppa either; Lady GaGa is often snapped sporting a quirky tea cup in her hand whilst out and about. Hardly the most outrageous of statements, and certainly not on par with her look-at-me raw meat dress, but undoubtedly a token accessory sure to grab a bit of attention.

It would seem the teapot and tea cup are making a comeback, and I for one welcome this cute accessory, particularly mini versions designed specifically for jewellery. You may not be able to make a nice brew in them, but these tiny tea set accessories are just adorable.


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